Little Inagua National Park

Remote inaccessible and with no fresh water, Little Inagua is by far the largest uninhabited island in the Wider Caribbean. The island exists in a natural undisturbed state and the biodiversity implications and values of this are enormous. Ocean currents flow through the Bahamas from southeast to the northwest. As a result, Little Inagua is […]

Union Creek Reserve

Location on Great Inagua Island, Union Creek Reserve was established in April 1965. This enclosed tidal creek and sea turtle research station lies in the northwest corner of the Inagua National Park. Union Creek encompasses an area of 4,940 acres and it is a natural habitat for green and Hawksbill turtles. Mangroves surround the creek […]

Inagua National Park

Inagua National Park is located on Great Inagua, the southern-most island in The Bahamas. Established in 1963, Inagua National Park encompasses 287 square miles of raw, tropical island beauty. The Park is the site of the largest breeding colony of West Indian Flamingos in the world. This national bird of The Bahamas now numbers approximately […]