Our Staff

Meet Our Team.

Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to protect the Bahamas' most precious natural resource - its unique and diverse park system.

New Providence

Eric Carey | Executive Director
Anna Bancroft | Director of Development & Communication
Kateryann Thompson-Johnson | Director of Finance & Operations
Portia Sweeting | Director of Education
Shelley Cant-Woodside | Director of Science & Policy
Chantal Curtis | NP Parks Manager & Parks Planner
Falon Cartwright | Operations Manager
Janeczka Johnson | Grants and Projects Manager
Seanell Walkes | HR Manager
Trevor Burgzorg | Finance Manager
Abdul Strachan | Security
Alera Smith | Office Assistant
Anwar Rolle | Park Warden
Bradley Watson | Science Officer
Brent Williamson | Policy Analyst
Princia Bethel | Donor Relations Officer
Daphne Brooks | Book-keeper
Elijah Sands | Senior Communications Officer
Giselle Deane | Assistant Science Officer
Gloria Miller | Education Officer
Gregory Rolle | Security Officer
Jonisha Cartwright | Education Officer
Juanita Munroe | Retreat Shop Manager
Kim Iturriaga | Office Custodian
Kristoff Francois | Park Warden
Lynn Gape | Special Projects Consultant
Monique Gibson | Receptionist
Pachancia Knowles | Marine Science Officer
Raquel Smith | Membership Officer
Robert McCoy | Maintenance Officer
Scott Johnson | Science Officer


David Knowles | Chief Park Warden
Marcus Davis | Deputy Park Warden
Arthur Williams | Park Warden


Lehron Rolle | Education Officer
Steven Smith | Park Warden


Heidi Johnson | Preserve Manager/LLNPP
Camilla Adair | Deputy Preserve Manager
Alvanna Johnson | Office Assistant
Brian Smith | Preserve Attendant
Brittany Ingraham | Gift Shop/Membership Assistant
Ethan Freid | Botanist
Hermane Exament | Maintenance Supervisor
Jason Moxey | Preserve Attendant
Omar McKlewhite | Preserve Attendant


Peter Graham | Operations Manager
Cherry Elliott | Office Manager
Preston Mckenzie | Maintenance Officer
Andre McCartney | Park Warden

Grand Bahama

Lakeshia Anderson | Director of Parks
Ellsworth Weir | Parks Manager
Ann-Marie Carroll | Education Officer
David Clare | Park Warden
David Cooper | Park Warden
Jewel Thompson-Beneby | Science Officer
Jinnel Sturridge | Administrative Assistant & Membership Officer
Lisa Wildgoose | Office Manager


Henry Nixon | Senior Park Warden
Sydney Delancy | Senior Park Warden

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