Science Projects

National Park Planning

The Science and Policy Department works along with the Parks Department to inform the planning, management, and monitoring of National Parks in The Bahamas. This includes GIS mapping and performing Rapid Ecological Assessments (REAs) to scope out new areas that could be new protected areas and to monitor the health of existing national parks so that we can inform effective management.

Assisting Researchers in the Field

The BNT science staff are in the field assisting research throughout the country. Some current research includes Nassau Grouper assessment; Mangrove restoration activities; Bahama Oriole assessment; Bahamian boa constrictor genetics; and many other projects going on in the country.

Climate Change Action Plan

In partnership with BirdLife International, the BNT is in the process of developing a Climate Change adaptation strategy for the national parks and Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) on the islands of Grand Bahama, Abaco, New Providence, Andros, Eleuthera, Exuma, San Salvador and Inagua.


The Queen Conch (Lobatus gigas), an important staple to the Bahamian economy, ecology and culture; appears to be in great decline across the archipelago. Conchservation aims to transform the Bahamian Queen Conch fishery to allow the population to rebound to ecologically significant numbers. Through collaborative research, coordinated citizen science, and socioeconomic analyses, Campaign partners will encourage effective management of the fishery and foster social acceptance of new management measures.

Eco-Tour Guide Training Program

A partnership with Audubon and the Ministry of Tourism, this project aims to equip interested persons with the knowledge, experience and tools to deliver state of the art nature tours. This is being executed as pilot projects on both Andros and Inagua. The program is largely bird-based but graduates at the advanced level are very knowledgeable about the natural history of The Bahamas and the different aspects of running a successful business.

GIS Unit

The Global Information systems (GIS) unit is concerned with the mapping of national park boundaries; management zoning within those boundaries; habitat and resource mapping; for the purposes of effective management planning.

National Park Research Projects

The BNT is currently setting up ongoing research projects within national parks in collaboration with the education department. This will enable the parks to have ongoing activities for high school and college level students to participate in and allow the BNT to collect data over time. Some of these projects include insect collecting; forest surveying; invasive species monitoring; fish population studies as well as others.

Rapid Ecological Assessments (REAs)

Ecological assessments are done for many different reasons in The Bahamas. The BNT conducts REAs to gather information about the state of the environment within and outside of national parks. This helps with park planning and management activities; help us identify new areas to protect; and gives us an understanding on the health of habitats and species of concern.

Shore Bird Conservation Project

Shore birds are highly endangered world-wide as their primary habitat, the sea shore, is becoming developed, disturbed by invasive species and human activities. These birds are generally migratory, and these issues, therefore span many countries. The BNT has partnered with BirdLife International to help better assess the populations of certain highly endangered shore birds like the Piping Plover; assess prime habitat; habitat restoration; education and outreach; and incorporate these areas into the national park system.