Managing Unique Places

Taking care of your parks

Preserving & protecting special places for years to come.

Our goals is a world-class national park system that supports the most important Bahamian biodiversity and provides economic sustainability and climate resilience for people.
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Why should you care about national parks?

National parks are defenders of the environment. They are special areas that have been set aside to ensure that the natural beauty and richness of The Bahamas remain for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations. National parks are also natural barometers of our environment that tell us when there is cause for concern.

The environment is key to the Bahamian way of life-its tourism product, fisheries, food and ground water supply all depend on it. It sustains the economy and culture. To remain healthy, a country must protect its environment and preserve it for the future. This fact is what inspired the creation of the Bahamas National Trust in 1959 and today, nearly 60 years later, it is still at the heart of what we do.

Safeguarding Natural Resources

We will strengthen our enforcement program, by enacting park by-laws and policies, increasing staff, offering capacity building training, implementing innovative technology, procuring major equipment and partnering with national enforcement agencies

By enforcing park rules,

  • Fewer unsustainable activities occur
  • Parks provide productive spaces for wildlife
  • Biodiversity increases
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Maintaining Special Places

We will continue to maintain existing park assets and future infrastructural improvements allowing us to manage these special places and provide exemplary service to visitors.

By providing needed maintenance of infrastructure,

  • Visitors can enjoy nature safely
  • More appreciation for nature is generated
  • Biodiversity increases

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Lend a helping hand

The Education Department schedules four major volunteer days per year throughout national parks, click the link below to view scheduling and sign up!