How We Are Run


Trust Council

Geoffrey Andrews
President, Elected member
    Joanne Smith
    Deputy President, Elected Member
      Ashley Sturrup
      Honorary Secretary, Appointed Member, rep. Ministry of Education
        Gavin Watchhorn
        Honorary Treasurer, Appointed Member
          Marvin Arrington
          Elected Member
            Glenn Bannister
            Elected Member
              Kevin Cartwright
              Elected Member
                Hank Ferguson
                Elected Member
                  Marcus Laing
                  Elected Member
                    Edward Carter
                    Elected Member
                      Neil McKinney
                      Elected Member
                        Karin Sanchez
                        Elected Member
                          Gary Sands
                          Elected Member
                            Devon Peet
                            Elected Member
                              Naisha Robert
                              Elected Member
                                Stacey Wells Moultrie
                                Elected Member
                                  Tanya Woodside
                                  Elected Member
                                    Christina Davis-Justin
                                    Appointed Member, Governor General
                                      Holly Peel
                                      Appointed Member, Governor General
                                        Janyne Hodder
                                        Appointed Member, President of University of The Bahamas
                                          Rhianna Neely, PhD
                                          Appointed Member, Ministry of Environment
                                            Gregory Bethel
                                            Appointed Member, Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources
                                              Kenneth Romer, PhD
                                              Appointed Member, Ministry of Tourism
                                                Meredith Ross
                                                Appointed Member, Leon Levy Foundation
                                                  Barney Long
                                                  Appointed Member, Re:wild
                                                    Aurelio Ramos
                                                    Appointed Member, National Audubon Society
                                                      Karen Bjorndal, PhD
                                                      Appointed Member, University of Florida
                                                        Ana Porzecanski
                                                        American Museum of Natural History
                                                          Pamela Reid, PhD 
                                                          Appointed Member, University of Miami
                                                            Christopher Hughes
                                                            Appointed Member, US National Park Service
                                                              Christopher Hughes
                                                              Appointed Member, US National Park Service

                                                                Scientific Advisors

                                                                Dan Brumbaugh, PhD
                                                                Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve
                                                                  THESE ARE OUR

                                                                  Current Committees

                                                                  Regional Branches

                                                                  Grand Bahama

                                                                  The Grand Bahama Regional Branch is the first regional branch within the Bahamas National Trust. It was established in the early 1980s to facilitate the Trust’s expanding presence on Grand Bahama. The Grand Bahama Regional Branch has played many critical roles over the years from helping with the day to day management of the three, heavily-used national parks on Grand Bahama to spearheading special projects and fundraising drives.

                                                                  Standing and Advisory Committes

                                                                  Retreat Committee

                                                                  A dedicated group of Trust members and friends oversee the care and maintenance of The Retreat Garden National Park. The committee oversees the care of the specialty palm collection, special horticultural features, infrastructural projects and the Trust’s nursery. A sub-committee of the group also spearheads the annual Christmas Jollification, whose proceeds support the garden.

                                                                  Specialty Groups

                                                                  New Providence Bird Club

                                                                  The New Providence Bird Club ( formerly the Ornithology Group) functions under the Wildlife Committee and has been active since 1994. It offers seasonal monthly field trips on New Providence and during spring and fall field trips are often arranged to other islands. Members also participate in Christmas Bird Counts each year on New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Andros.

                                                                  The group is also involved in scientific studies of wintering migrants with emphasis on the Kirtland’s Warbler, the Important Bird Areas programme of Bird Life International, International Waterbirds Census; Caribbean Endemic Bird Day and International Migratory Bird Day.

                                                                  New Areas

                                                                  Efforts are underway to create Regional Branches in Great Exuma, Long Island, Cat Island and South and Central Andros. For more information contact the Bahamas National Trust (

                                                                  Science Committee

                                                                  This is a multi-disciplined network of scientists and experts whose knowledge, experience and interest in the Bahamian environment and its natural resources will provide immeasurable contributions to the work of the Trust. The purpose is to advise the Council of the Bahamas National Trust on science related matters.

                                                                  Events Committee

                                                                  The Events Committee works directly with the Development Department to provide support for fundraising events as well as developing new events to support the work of the BNT.