The Bahamas National Trust has extended its Navigators program to Anatol Rodgers


The Bahamas National Trust has extended its Navigators program to Anatol Rodgers Secondary School. The three-year program fosters a sense of environmental stewardship and prepares students for careers in marine biology.

“Navigators helps young people to be able to connect the dots when it comes to career paths associated with the environment,” said Kenred Dorsett, Minister of Environment & Housing and Member of Parliament for Southern Shores, at a recent press conference. Minister Dorsett is the sponsor for the Navigators program at the school.
“This program is important for Anatol Rodgers Secondary School because the Bonefish Pond National Park , an amazing mangrove-based asset on New Providence, is literally at the back door of this institution. It will help students to learn more about the significance of our ecosystems and, more importantly, chart a path for them to consider tertiary-level education that focuses on the environment and conservation and possibly a career path in the sector,” Minister Dorsett added.
Eric Carey, Executive Director of the Bahamas National Trust thanked Minister Dorsett and Myrtle McPhee, principal at Anatol Rodgers, for forging this “important partnership” with his organization. Their support and enthusiasm, he added, allows the Trust to fulfill the goal of its Navigators program.

“We commit to making sure that we deliver the highest quality program that we’re able to, to make sure that, at the end of the three years, these students who are involved in this program will leave with not only an awareness of the environment but also an awareness of the opportunities available to them to have careers in the marine environment,” said Mr. Carey.
Elijah Sands, one of 30 Navigators at the school, believes that this program is preparing him for future goals.
“I think that the Bahamas National Trust is doing a very good job with conducting the program. I’ve always enjoyed the club and enjoyed dealing with nature, organism(s), and especially marine sciences,” said Elijah.
“I’ve always wanted to aspire to be a marine biologist and I think that this club will be the best way, an early step to having a career in marine biology.”

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