BNT Members Get More Rewards

The Rewardship Programme, which offers in-store-discounts has been a long-time benefit offered to BNT members. Raquel Rolle, BNT Membership Coordinator stated “As part of the Members Matter campaign we
have begun to welcome additional businesses that can offer a wider range of services for our members to enjoy. We will be introducing a rewardship video segment, highlighting our committed partners.” A special thank you to our existing rewardship partners, who have supported the BNT for many years with their generosity and commitment to the environment. To see a complete listing of all our rewardship partners visit the official BNT website.
Sonesta Beauty Salon & Barber Shop, is the newest partner to our growing rewardship programme. Mrs. Paige Charles who is the proprietor of Sonesta said “We are delighted to join the BNT rewardship programme, and welcome BNT members to come in and enjoy our services we specialize in hair-styling, hair repair treatments, manicures and pedicures to name a few, and all services are eligible for discount to card carrying BNT members.”
Our Grand Bahama list of rewardship partners is also growing thanks to the work of Jinnel Sturridge, Grand Bahama Membership Officer. We proudly welcome, Renu Day Spa located on Grand Bahama. Renu Day Spa is a leading wellness provider, offering spa and holistic wellness services. Sturridge stated, “We are truly grateful for Renu Day Spa coming onboard not only as a corporate member of the BNT but also committing to offer
discounts on spa services.
Krystle Smith the proprietor of Renu Day Spa said, “We are truly happy to be a part of the BNT in such a way, because it all ties into wellness. It will allow our clients to also experience nature and relaxation in a different atmosphere, versus being indoors. They will now be able to experience more outdoor activity. Likewise, their members will now be able to come into our spa and take advantage of our services, such as massages, Reiki, facials … whatever it may be, to incorporate wellness in its entirety.”
Membership is an essential part of our organization and we are happy that members can access some personal benefits while supporting such a wonderful cause. Our new rewardship partners were presented with certificates of appreciation, and a gift bag of BNT merchandise. BNT Members can now enjoy 10% discount on
services at both businesses.
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