BG Corporate Community supports environmental conservation with BNT Discovery Club

Saturday April 28th, 2018 marked a momentous occasion for the future of environmental conservation on Grand Bahama. 60 members of the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) Discovery Club joined their families and BNT staff for their awards ceremony. Participants earned their Mangroves and Sharks badges.

Each badge represents a six-week environmental curriculum that teaches participants the biology, ecology and importance of the subject matter. “DC members participated in hands-on classroom activities, exciting field studies and other sessions that give them a first-hand understanding of their environment” commented BNT Discovery Club Coordinator Jewel Thompson.

The BNT has committed to providing all supplies, equipment, leaders training and other opportunities to support the over 1000 participants and 100 leaders across 9 islands to help share the message of conservation and secure the country’s future. This commitment costs the BNT $6,500.00 per unit for each of the 75 groups around the country. This dedication to environmental education can only be honored through the support of partners throughout local communities. The generous support of the Freeport Harbour Company and Grand Bahama Airport Company, who siphoned $13,000.00 of a three-year commitment to the program on Grand Bahama, created the opportunity for students of Walter Parker Primary and Bartlett Hill Primary Schools to participate in and enjoy full benefits of being a member.

Thanks to these supporters, the future of conservation of Bahamian National Parks and treasures is in good hands.


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