Protecting Over 2 Million Acres
of Bahamian Biodiversity

The Bahamas National Trust is a
non-profit organisation in The Bahamas that
manages the country’s national parks.

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  • Featured Park:
    Lucayan National Park

    The Lucayan National Park was established in March 1982. It is located between Freeport and Freetown at Gold Rock Creek and consists of 40 acres of land.

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    The BNT relies on several funding sources to fulfill it’s mission – from membership dues to a government subvention, to private donations and grants. Your gift can make a huge difference to the work of the BNT.

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  • Education Spotlight:
    Discovery Club

    Discovery Club members participate in a fun and rewarding journey and discover the beauty, uniqueness and fragile nature of our island country.

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Our mission is to conserve and protect the natural resources of The Bahamas, through stewardship and education for present and future generations. While the financial support of members is needed and deeply appreciated, the active involvement of our members is critical to the continued success of our work. Learn more about how you can get involved and support the mission.

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  • BNT Seeks Co-Management Policy Analyst (12/1/2016) - The Nature Conservancy, The BNT, and BREEF are jointly executing a project to advance the expansion and effective management of the Marine Protected Area Network of The Bahamas. The BNT is seeking to contract a Co-Management Policy Analyst, to provide direct support to the BNT for the development of a Bahamas National Protected Area System Comanagement Framework.
  • download (2) BNT Statement on Proposal for Chinese Funding for Investment in Bahamian Fishing Industry (11/5/2016) - Chinese Ambassador Paul Gomez spoke briefly with Eric Carey (Executive Director of the BNT) and a representative of the Bahamas Reef Environment and Education Foundation (BREEF) about a proposal to allow Chinese investment in the Bahamian fishing industry.