Public Notice: Temporary Closure of Seahorse National Park in Eleuthera

Public Notice: Temporary Closure of Seahorse National Park in Eleuthera

April 26th, 2024 – Eleuthera, Bahamas

The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) announces the temporary closure of Seahorse National Park at Sweetings Pond & Hatchet Bay Cave in Eleuthera, effective immediately until further notice. During this closure period, access to the park, specifically entering Sweetings Pond, is prohibited. This precautionary decision is made with deep consideration for preserving the pond’s unique and fragile ecosystems and the species it supports.

At the heart of BNT’s mission is the unwavering commitment to conserving The Bahamas’ natural resources through effective national park management. The temporary closure of Seahorse National Park is necessary to protect its sensitive resources, including its special seahorse population. This proactive step aims to prevent potential harm to the park’s resources during this critical planning phase as our teams work diligently with our partners and the community to create a Park Management Plan.

This decision is rooted in scientific research and understanding. Previous research findings and our dedicated science team’s ongoing monitoring and pilot surveys of the park’s marine ecosystems are essential in shaping a comprehensive Park Management Plan to guide the BNT’s management decisions. This science-driven approach ensures our decisions are evidence-based and targeted, carefully balancing conservation needs with responsible park use and visitor access.

This closure period will be used to undertake essential conservation and strategic planning efforts. These include onboarding new staff to support park operations, developing infrastructure, and creating research and monitoring plans. These activities will allow us to reopen the park with measures that ensure its protection and support sustainable recreation and educational opportunities for residents and visitors.

We understand this temporary closure may affect many of our valued community stakeholders. The BNT is committed to maintaining open lines of communication, providing updates on our progress, and sharing insights from our scientific research and park planning activities. We invite and encourage feedback and dialogue throughout this process, as we strongly believe in the power of community collaboration in park management.

The BNT has been doing all it can to manage this new national park responsibly and effectively from inception. We aim to reopen public access with new park operating hours as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you back to Seahorse National Park with improved facilities and measures that ensure the preservation of its natural beauty and biodiversity. Your understanding, support, and patience during this temporary closure are invaluable as we work together to protect and conserve our natural heritage for now and tomorrow.

For further information, updates, and how to get involved, please visit our website at or contact us at To report violations of national park regulations, including suspected unauthorized access to Seahorse National Park during this closure, contact the BNT’s Enforcement Hotline at (242) 396-0188.

Together, we will ensure the future of Seahorse National Park is both bright and sustainable. Thank you for your continued support.


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About the BNT:

The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) was created by an Act of Parliament in 1959 to build and manage the national park system of The Bahamas. Possibly the only non-governmental organization in the world charged with such a responsibility, the BNT works daily to conserve and protect the natural resources of The Bahamas through science, stewardship and education for present and future generations. There are currently 33 National Parks managed by the BNT with more than 2 million acres of marine and terrestrial areas protected.

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