With a size of 2,300 square miles, Andros is the largest of the Bahama Islands (104 miles long and 40 miles wide) and the fifth largest island in the Caribbean. Although it is almost ten times bigger than New Providence it has a population of only 8,000. There is an abundance of bonefish and the world’s third largest barrier reef which is over 140 miles long and is renowned for its superb marine life.

An Endemic paradise, Andros is teaming with lush green foliage, spunky land crabs, and wild orchids of every possible color. If you like to get your feet wet, Andros has more than a few beaches to do it. The island has some of the best diving sites in the world, filled with deep coral canyons and home to more magnificent blue holes than anywhere in the world.

Andros lies in the Atlantic Ocean and is made up of many islets, cays and a north, middle and south Bight. There are numerous wetlands and shallow water areas, which are connected with fresh water streams in some parts of the island. Andros is also known for its abundant fresh water supplies. In 1978 -2012, 5-6 million gallons of fresh water was barged to New Providence from Andros on a weekly basis.

The island was given the name “Espiritu Santo,” the Island of the Holy Spirit” by the Spanish, but is also called San Andreas on a 1782 map. The modern name is believed to be in honour of Sir Edmund Andros, Commander of Her Majesty’s Forces in Barbados in 1672 and former Governor of New York, Massachusetts and New England.

It is also believed that the island could have been named after the inhabitants of St. Andros Island on the Mosquito Coast as 1,400 of them settled in Andros in 1787.

Loyalists and their slaves also settled in Andros in the late 19th Century. Cotton and sisal were grown and later sponging became a flourishing industry in Andros for many years.

Legend has it that Andros has a leprechaun or gremlin known locally as the chickcharney. Androsians believe it migrated to Red Bays in the 19th century with the Seminole Indians.


North & South Marine Parks - Andros has the third longest barrier reef in the world. These two parks were established to help preserve significant parts of this valuable reef ecosystem. The parks consist of beautiful dive and snorkel sites: Coral Castle, Dave’s Patch Reef, Amphitheatre North Marine Park Established: 2002 Size: 5,000 Acres   South Marine Park Established: 2002 Size: […]
Blue Holes National Park - Andros has the highest concentration of Blue Hole in the world. Exposed to the elements over thousands of years, the island’s limestone bedrock eroded creating this vast expanse of underwater cave systems. These caves have been found to house many unusual and unique cave fish and invertebrates, some not found anywhere else in the world. […]
Crab Replenishment Reserve - Identified as the best land crab habitat in central Andros, this area was set aside to ensure a sustainable crab population for future generations. Established: 2002 Size: 4,000 Acres  
West Side National Park - This park encompasses a vast area of coastal mangrove habitat that is an important nursery area for conch, lobster and fish. It is also a prime bonefishing area and is utilized by the endangered Andros Rock Iguana and many bird species, including the West Indian Flamingo. Established: 2002 Size: 1.5 million Acres