Blue Holes National Park

est. 2002


Andros has the highest concentration of blue holes in the world. Blue Holes National Park was established in 2002 in an effort to preserve some of these impressive natural wonders. This 40,000-acre national park protects a large number of blue holes, and the surrounding coppice and pine forests.

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The Land of Holes.

Nowhere else on earth has more blue holes than the island of Andros. Exposed to the elements over thousands of years, the island’s limestone bedrock eroded creating this vast expanse of underwater cave systems. These caves are home to many unusual and unique cave fish and invertebrates, some not found anywhere else in the world. The Blue Holes National Park protects 22 unique inland blue holes, and the surrounding rich coppice and pineland forests are home to a variety of wildlife.

The forests in the Blue Holes National Park are important habitat to a number of rare and range-restricted bird species including the endemic Bahama Oriole and the elusive Great Lizard Cuckoo. It is a popular bird watching spot and the immense space and hiking trails make it an exceptional camping spot. 


An Andros Adventure.

The Blue Hole National Park and it’s incredible natural spaces offer excellent opportunities for recreation and outdoor adventures. Infrastructure developed in the park has led to the creation of many education and outdoor programs that get people exploring this park. These include the Parks Pal program, which takes school groups from New Providence on day trips to the park and Eco Camp, which is an intensive week-long summer camp aimed at getting teenagers to appreciate the outdoors. The highlight of the Eco Camp experience is getting the campers to camp in The Blue Holes National Park for 2 days and take the ‘Leap of Faith’. 

Park guest taking the Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith.

Capt. Bill’s Blue Hole is certainly the most popular attraction in the park, for good reason. It’s a nearly perfectly round blue hole with a wide diameter and a depth of 100+ feet. You’re guided to this blue hole by a short hiking trail with incorporated interpretive signage. At the end of the trail is a boardwalk and gazebo with a sitting area. The gazebo has a ledge that extends over 15 feet over the surface of the Blue Hole. This is where you take the Leap of Faith. We promise you, once you do it, you’ll do it a second time.  

We encourage everyone to exercise caution when entering Capt. Bill’s Blue Hole as the top layer is freshwater which is less buoyant than saltwater, making it a bit more difficult to float.

For those of you not up to the jump, there’s a staircase that descends into the water. There are floating devices and a floating dock to take advantage of while you are in the water. 

Developing the ecotourism potential in the Blue Holes National Park has highlighted it as a national asset and increased the ecotourism value of Andros. Many people from around the world come to experience the park, the island of Andros and the magnificence of Blue Holes.

Cabana at Captain Bill’s Blue Hole

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