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Leon Levy Preserve

– Sky Bahamas, The Island House, Pelican Bay, and Pineapple Fields all team up to offer an Exclusive Island Hop for two!

Joining the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) definitely has its perks, but this September the perks just got a little sweeter. For the next three months the BNT social media team will be encouraging their Facebook fans to turn their friendship into membership!

The promotion will be running exclusively on Facebook, the goal being to convert the BNT’s 20,000 Facebook fans into members of the Trust. Increasing membership numbers strengthens the voice of the BNT and gives greater credence to their calls for conservation and protection of Bahamian ecosystems.


“We are thrilled that BNT’s Facebook page has garnered such a huge following and hope that those individuals will take their support to another level by becoming BNT members,” said Katrina Cartwright, BNT Membership Officer. “People who become a member during these months, via the Facebook link, will be entered to WIN an all expense paid island hop to three BNT national parks on three different islands with Sky Bahamas flights and accommodations included!”

In Nassau, winners will be visiting the Primeval Forest National Park and staying at the renowned boutique hotel The Island House. A trip to Grand Bahama, courtesy of Sky Bahamas, to see the Lucayan National Park, the most visited park in The Bahamas, will be next on the list with a stay at the luxurious Pelican Bay Hotel. The trip then culminates with a true island escape to Eleuthera and the world famous Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve with accommodations at the intimate Pineapple Fields.

PB_Waterside State Room_Bedroom

“Pelican Bay is happy to support the BNT in their efforts to ensure that the nature of The Bahamas can be enjoyed and appreciated by all future generations,” noted Magnus Alnebeck, Pelican Bay General Manager, who was the first sponsor to sign up for the unique promotion.

“The Island House is very pleased to support the efforts of the Bahamas National Trust,” said Will McKechnie, General Manager, The Island House. “As a wholly Bahamian-owned hotel, we care very much about the preservation of our precious environment and we recognize that the BNT’s work over the years has been invaluable in this regard.”


Membership is essential to the BNT because it not only involves Bahamians in conservation, it also provides much needed funds for the BNT to carry out their job of protecting the country’s natural resources. Membership comes at an extremely reasonable price, annual individual for $30 and $50 for families plus membership also gives discounts at local supportive stores throughout The Bahamas. Additionally members receive free entrance to all BNT national parks and national parks in the UK and New Zealand.

The promotion began on September 1st and runs until November 31st, it is open to all citizens and residents of The Bahamas and you must be a fan of the BNT on Facebook to get to the correct link to WIN.

Pineapple Fields

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