The Amazing

Birds of The Bahamas

photo by Christopher Johnson | Capture Your Park

Hello Explorers!

When it comes to superhero qualities, is there any other group of animals on earth that have captured the attention of humans more than birds? Everything about them is amazing like their ability to fly, see far distances, change colours, and sing beautiful songs. 

The Bahamas is one of the most bird diverse countries in The Caribbean with over 330 species of birds recorded here- some being found nowhere else in the world! 

Join BNT Explorer, Jewel, on her adventure to show you the magnificent life of Birds in The Bahamas! You will learn all about birds, what they eat, where they live, what’s harmful to their existence, and how to protect them…

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01. Discovering The Birds of The Bahamas

Welcome to the wonderful life of birds! This is the beginning of your adventure. Before we get started, we must first learn – what is a bird and what makes them special?
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02. Bird Diet and Habitat

Different types of birds eat different things, they also live in different places. Let’s take a closer look at the diet and habitat of birds in your national parks!
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03. Threats to Birds

Uh oh… birds are in trouble! A threat is anything that can cause harm to a bird. Some threats are natural and others are caused by us, humans.
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04. Bird Conservation

Now that you have learned all about birds, their diet, habitat and their threats; it’s time to learn how you can protect them. 
Spot your feathered friends

How many birds do you know?

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For over 60 years, The Bahamas National Trust has been managing national parks and looking after the environment. Our work, however, involves so much more. We run award-winning educational and outreach programs, conduct important scientific research, save critically endangered species, and inform governmental policies.
Produced by the Bahamas National Trust in 2018, these short videos were originally created for our Discovery Club Kids Program (ages 6 – 13 years) and aim to introduce young people to the environment and conservation practices.