Glinton Sweeting O’Brien donates $50,000 to the BNT’s National Parks, Bahamian Pride Campaign

Glinton Sweeting O’Brien donates $50,000 to the BNT’s National Parks, Bahamian Pride Campaign

July 20th, 2023 – Nassau, Bahamas

Local law firm Glinton Sweeting O’Brien Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law (GSO) donated $50,000 as a leading gift to officially launch the BNT’s National Parks, Bahamian Pride Fundraising Campaign.

The National Parks, Bahamian Pride Campaign aims to recognise and celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Bahamas’ Independence and the BNT’s 64th anniversary while raising funds for national parks. By celebrating these two events together, we’re highlighting how closely tied the national identity of The Bahamas is with its natural heritage, which is protected within national parks managed by the BNT. Through this campaign, we hope to encourage people to learn more about and visit their national parks and inspire them to support the protection of these special places.

The tremendous $50,000 donation from GSO is a leading gift for this campaign and will go directly toward the management and upkeep of national parks. Hopefully, it will also inspire other individuals and corporations to support this campaign and national parks in The Bahamas.

“We believe the preservation of our pristine and ecologically unique environment is more critical as we face climate change and habitat loss. We believe that the BNT’s work is now more important than ever and we could use all of our support to take on the vital task of leading our nation’s environmental stewardship. Our gift is just the beginning of a long-term commitment, not only as a donor but also as an advocate of the preservation and protection of our environment. Said GSO Managing Partner Bryan Glinton.

Upon receiving the donation BNT Executive Director, Lakeshia Anderson-Rolle said “We thank and appreciate GSO for the significant donation and support in this new relationship we are establishing as part of the country’s 50th Anniversary and the BNT’s 64th Anniversary. This gift will be used to help advance more effective management of national parks and we look forward to continuing and growing this relationship with GSO”

For more information about the “National Parks, Bahamian Pride” campaign, or to make a donation, visit

To learn more about the role the BNT plays to manage terrestrial and marine national parks, protect species that inhabit them, and inform environmental policy, please visit its website: and follow/subscribe to various social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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