Creating A deeper connection


While roughly 15,000 persons visit national parks through BNT’s educational National Park Experience Program, we understand the value of going out into communities across the country to share the important message of conservation. This increases our ability to steward new members for the cause of conservation through managing National Parks. The BNT Education Department administers numerous initiatives that you can get involved in as a community member such as:

  • School/Church Presentations
  • Internship Programs
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Career Days/College Fairs
  • Public Event/Festival Booths
  • Guest Speaking for Conferences

Outreach initiatives of the Bahamas National Trust were specifically designed to increase awareness of the charge of the organization, national parks and biodiversity.

How It Works

Interested groups can contact the Bahamas National Trust directly to arrange for an Education and/or Outreach representative  to give an informative presentation and/or interactive demonstration. Opportunities are endless for outreach opportunities which includes, but is not limited to, the following: snake handling demonstrations, bush tea demonstrations, environmental career talks, conservation talks, national park talks and more! Outreach activities can be scheduled year round.

We aim to reach thousands more Bahamians

If you are interested in having us participate in any of the above-mentioned activities please contact our education department at education@bnt.bs.