ECLSP Receives a Helping Hand

Young volunteers and their parents play such a BIG part of the BNT’S conservation efforts. It is with their limitless generosity, passion, support, attention, and love that we survive as an organization.

Last week, 18 Boy Scouts and 5 adults with their leader Tim Poole from the Bucomm Street, United Methodist Church in Greenville, South Carolina volunteered at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

Traveling aboard the sailing vessel Beacon Won, the young people went to work clearing the edges of the site for the new building of rocks and debris. Many hands (36 to be exact) really made light work!!

The most exciting thing about this group of Boy Scouts is that their parents were at the ECLSP over 24 years ago with the same Boy Scout Troup.  With over 8 trips made during the last 24 years this Boy Scout and church group has helped to build Peggy Hall doing concrete work, helped with hurricane relief on ECLSP assisting with debris removal, the restructuring the docks and trash cleanup on beaches. This group was also a part of assembling and whitewashing the skeleton of whale on Whale Beach.

If there is anything we are certain about; it’s that this group of men love the ECLSP and Boy Scouts is an enriching experience that helps young men discover all of their inner WOW, and set them up to be successful, happy, and healthy, both now and in the future.

Below are the ECLSP Highlights.


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