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Help us preserve the marine environment of the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park

Use our newly installed moorings at Red Shanks Cay as you explore and enjoy the park's beauty.

The environmentally friendly moorings within the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park protect marine bottom habitats from the impacts of continued anchoring and maintain seabed sediment stability, thus improving water clarity and quality. The moorings support vessels up to 60 feet, are insured, and will be regularly inspected and maintained, offering a safe and reliable alternative to anchoring. There are currently 34 moorings available at Red Shanks Cay. Whether you will be spending a weekend exploring or just stopping by to rest for an evening, please use our moorings and support the park.

Reserve A Mooring

Moorings are by reservation only through the booking platform Dockwa. Mooring Fees are $27.27 – $45.45 per day, depending on boat size. Moorings fees are consistent with fees across Bahamas National Trust national parks. Once your reservation is confirmed, fees must be paid in full. Check-in is after 2 pm, and Check-out is before 12 p.m. Reservation requests will be confirmed on the same day if made by 1 pm. 

MHCNP Mooring Field Guidelines

  1. All vessels must operate at slow/idle speed in mooring fields.
  2. Moorings are designed to accommodate single vessels up to 60’ only. No rafting is allowed.  
  3. Moorings are only permitted for use in typical weather conditions, not in tropical storm or hurricane weather conditions. (sustained winds of 39mph or more)
  4. No discharge of black water or grey water in mooring fields. 
  5. To ensure the safety of swimmers in the mooring field area, please do not dispose of any food waste from your vessel. 
  6. Anchoring is prohibited in the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park, including using any accessory anchors in the mooring field.

Click here to see a map of the Red Shanks Mooring Field.

Mooring Use Guidelines

It’s essential to use a mooring buoy correctly to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the mooring system and protect your vessel and the vessels of others. Boaters must follow the below guidelines when using the moorings in the park:

  1. Please use two independent lines from two separate bow cleats to attach to the mooring. Each line should pass through the thimble and be secured back to the cleat it came from. This provides redundancy and will prevent chafing of your attachment lines.
  2. Do not attach mooring pick-up lines directly to your vessel.
  3. Do not affix attachment lines to any part of the mooring system other than the eyelet/thimble at the end of the pick-up line. Attachment lines should be in good condition, at least 1/2 inch in diameter and no longer than four feet in length.
  4. Do not attempt to make any changes, modifications or alterations to the mooring anchor, hard or soft tackle, or pick-up lines. 
  5. Do not use any hard tackle such as shackles, snap hooks, thimbles or chains to attach to the mooring system.

Environmentally Friendly Moorings

Our moorings program is one of the many ways The Bahamas National Trust is committed to protecting and managing the natural resources within the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park. By providing secure and environmentally responsible mooring options, we are actively protecting the delicate seagrass beds and diverse marine habitats that are crucial for the health of Elizabeth Harbour and Moriah Harbour Cay National Park. Each mooring is a pledge to safeguard our underwater ecosystems, ensuring they continue flourishing and providing sanctuary for marine life. Join us in this pivotal move towards sustainable maritime stewardship.

Contact Us

If you notice a damaged mooring system, want to report mooring or park violations, or have questions/comments about the moorings, call 242-822-8688 or use the contact form below:

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