Pigeon Creek & Snow Bay National Park

est. 1982


Pigeon Creek is San Salvador’s only tidal creek, making it an invaluable resource and a primary conservation area. This national park protects this creek system and the surrounding waters which are the island’s most important nursery area. This park creek encompasses mangroves, seagrasses, hard bottom corals and sponges and is home to the island’s main population of sea urchins. It is the only nursery area for the Nassau Grouper and is a nursery area for spiny lobster and numerous other reef fish. The island’s fisheries rely primarily on this national park.

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This park has high bird activity.

Let it Snow.

Snow Bay got its name for the fine white sand that is powder soft. The waters offshore are a dazzling light blue in contrast. Archaeological diggings, conducted by the Bahamian Field Station, have shown that the indigenous people of The Bahamas, the Lucayan/Taino Amerindians, also had villages here. A small settlement named after the was also home to many locals but has long since been abandoned with the ruins of old houses still visible.


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