Little Inagua National Park

est. 2002


Remote, inaccessible and with no freshwater, Little Inagua is by far the largest uninhabited island in the Wider Caribbean. The island exists in a natural, undisturbed state and the biodiversity implications and values of this island are enormous. Ocean currents flow through the Bahamas from the southeast to the northwest. As a result, Little Inagua is upstream of the rest of the Bahama islands.

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This park has little to no infrastructure or trail systems.
Only accessible by boat

this park is a no-take zone

A Wellspring of Biodiversity.

The surrounding waters contribute to the supply of fisheries, eggs, larvae, and sub-adults that are swept into the other parts of the Bahamian marine territory. The designation of the 62,800 – acre national park increases the percentage of the marine ecosystem under protection for fishery replenishment purposes. Additionally, Little Inagua is a documented nesting location for critically endangered sea turtle species.

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