Fowl Cays National Park

est. 2009


Established in 2009, The Fowl Cays National Park covers a small but biologically rich area consisting of valuable coral reef, seagrass beds, rocky shore and sandy bottom habitats. Historically, the area has been used for recreation, diving and tours, and non-commercial fishing. The Fowl Cays show great potential for continuing eco-tourism and environmental education opportunities.

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Daytime/snorkel moorings available for use. Fees will be applied soon.
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This park has little infrastructure and trail systems, there is no one on guard.
Only accessible by boat.

Protecting the Seabed.

Efforts to establish a park at Fowl Cays were initiated in 1975 by Dr. John F. Storr. Mr. Dave Gale and Mr. Frank Kenyon also lobbied for the creation of this park. While Fowl Cays was published as a park for many years in the Yachtsman’s Cruising Guide, the park was not officially declared until 2009. The park was declared to protect the seabed surrounding the cays. Traditional fishing grounds utilized by local Abaconians were not included as a part of the park.

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