New Logo. New Look. Same Focus.


The Bahamas National Trust is proud of its 60-year history of creating, maintaining, and protecting the national parks of The Bahamas.

Today our nation’s parks are considered our national treasures, jewels in our crown, which we must continue to protect for the future but also encourage many more Bahamians to enjoy all of their natural precious beauty.

We invite all who love this country to join us in our revamped mission, to face our future climate challenges, sustain our national park system and inspire our young people to commit to a lifetime love of The Bahamas.

Natural Jewels

The new BNT logo encapsulates the reflections of natural light as it permeates through our tropical land and seascapes, revealing the awe-inspiring and jewel-like spectrum of nature’s colour palette.


  • Terrestrial parks.
  • Experiential, putting you in a coppice forest as sunlight shines through the tree canopy.
  • Scale of shape reflects size, but it is only a leaf so it also speaks to the fragility of the forest/ preserve/ retreat


  • Marine parks
  • Different ocean depths
  • Refracted light puts you under the sea for a different perspective, experiential instead of observatory
  • Scale of shape reflects size, but it is only a droplet so it also speaks to the fragility of the ocean


  • A connection to past conservation success, Flamingo/ Conch
  • Represents living species, bio-diversity
  • Pop of colour adds tropical element that reflects The Bahamas’ environment

For The Parks. For The Country. For The Future.

Since 1959, we have been at the forefront of progressive legislation to protect the environment; from the establishment of the first land and sea park in the world– the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park– to bringing the flamingo back from the brink of extinction, there are many conservation successes that highlight our legacy. It is our hope as we undertake this rebranding journey that we carry this auspicious history with us into a more vibrant future.


Visiting your national parks is how we protect them today, your BNT Membership is how we sustain them tomorrow.