The Retreat

The Retreat

Hidden from view on Village Road is an internationally famous garden of palms and rare tropical plants. Formerly a private home, the estate was the first national park on New Providence. Visitors can explore a Bahamian hardwood forest and learn about native plants and animals in a child-friendly environment. The property, including a small wooden cottage, was acquired in 1925 by colonial civil servant Arthur Langlois and his Bahamian wife Margaret. At the time, the area was considered remote and rural. The Langlois’ had a lifelong passion for palm horticulture and study, and following years of research expeditions and seed collection, the Retreat garden would become one of the best-known private collections of palms in the world. It remains a haven for migratory and resident birdlife. Visitor facilities include a gift shop and reference library. Guided tours available daily.

  • Established: 1977
  • Size: 11 Acres



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