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Hey Friends! I’m Zuma, an Explorer! Ready for an adventure?

I love the islands of The Bahamas, don’t you? There’s so much to explore! Join me as we go on ‘zumarific’ journeys to discover plants, animals, and ecosystems across the archipelago!
The Adventures of Zuma The Explorer offers exciting science-based lessons in a unique, fun way. This animated video series takes young children on adventures to explore Bahamian ecosystems and addresses environmental topics from the perspective of a young Bahamian explorer.

Let’s tap into our imagination, creativity and get outdoors, as we explore our natural environment with Zuma!

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Happy exploring, and continue to be impactful environmental stewards!

This animated video series was brought to you by the Sandals Foundation

Since 1959, The BNT has been committed to protecting national parks and conserving the environment of The Bahamas. We believe education is key to long-term conservation success and that’s why we are devoted to creating the next generation of environmental stewards.