Dive Tags

Dive Tags

The Bahamas National Trust manages 32 National Parks, on 11 islands in The Bahamas. Many of these Parks have a marine component and therefore are treasure chests for the preservation of some of the more pristine and intact marine ecosystems in The Bahamas, and by extension in the Caribbean. In addition to managing these important protected areas, BNT is also a key advocate for marine conservation.

Creating a source of long-term, sustainable funding for marine parks, and for the other important work of the BNT is essential. Our recently launched Dive Tag Program is one sustainable financing mechanism we are implementing. The BNT Dive Tag Program generates new revenue to support educational and advocacy programs, ongoing management expenses in existing marine parks, and the expansion of the National Park System.

What is a sustainable finance mechanism?

According to the Convention of Biological Diversity , sustainable financing is “the ability to secure stable and sufficient long-term financial resources, and to allocate them in a timely manner and appropriate form, to cover the full costs of protected areas (direct and indirect) and to ensure that PAs are managed effectively and efficiently”.

Why support the Dive Tag Program?

When you purchase a Dive Tag you support marine conservation in The Bahamas. The Bahamas National Trust manages Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that preserve habitats for wildlife and cultivates environmental stewards to foster responsible use of Bahamian resources through several initiatives.

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Purchase a Dive Tag at these locations.

  • BNT Headquarters
  • Grand Bahama Office
  • Abaco Office
  • Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park
  • West Shore Yacht Center (United States) http://westshoreyachtcenter.com/

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To become a Dive Tag Program Affiliate, send an email to science@bnt.bs .