Science & Policy

Science & Policy

The Bahamas National Trust Believes that sound science is the key to effective Resource Managements that Education is the Key to Good Environmental Stewardship

The BNT Science and Policy Department pursues sound science to inform the planning and management of national parks in The Bahamas; broaden scientific understanding in general; inform appropriate policy both within and outside of the national park system; and to disseminate scientific information.


National Park Planning

The Science and Policy Department works along with the Parks Department to inform the planning, management, and monitoring of National Parks in The Bahamas. This includes GIS mapping and performing Rapid Ecological Assessments (REAs) to scope out new areas that could be new protected areas and to monitor the health of existing national parks so that we can inform effective management.

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Research Assistance and Guidance

Scientists wishing to conduct research within national parks must first apply for a permit through the BNT Science Department. This permitting system ensures that the country benefits from the information that is collected but also allows the BNT to guarantee that relevant research is conducted and fills the information gaps. The science team also assists many researchers in the field as well as leads some research projects.

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Policy and Advocacy

The BNT helps inform appropriate policy both within and outside of National Parks. This includes recommendations to the government on updating fisheries and hunting regulations through the use of sound science, and the creation of procedures and by-laws for our National Parks.

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Dissemination of Information

The Science and Policy department disseminates scientific information through conferences, publications, and training. This includes attending several national and international conferences, as well as organizing a biennial conference, the Bahamas Natural History Conference (BNHC), where scientists from all across the world come to present their research on the Bahamian environment.

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