Press Releases

BNT Continues to Monitor Equinor Clean-Up

November 3rd, 2019   Press Release: BNT Continues to Monitor Equinor Clean-Up Two months after Hurricane Dorian impacted the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, Equinor (formerly Statoil) continues its efforts in cleaning up the onshore oil spill at its South Riding Point terminal in The Bahamas, which was damaged by Hurricane Dorian. 1.8 million […]

AWARDS Christopher Johnson Wins National Park Photo Contest 2019

Pictured from left to right: Lynn Gape, BNT Deputy Executive Director; Geoffrey Andrews, BNT President, Christopher Johnson, BNT National Park Photo Contest Winner 2019, Gabriella Suighi, CBC Bahamas Marketing Manager; Eric Carey, BNT Executive Director. Congratulations to Christopher Johnson, the winner of our 2019 Capture Your National Park Photo Contest! Christopher’s stunning photo of a Bahama […]

NETWORKING Partnering to Survey For Terrestrial

Taken By: Christopher Johnson Photo of a Bahama Yellowthroat  BNT National Park Photo Contest Winner 2019   BNT joins forces with Birds Caribbean, National Audubon, and other partners to put together a comprehensive terrestrial team.    The BNT will be working with Birds Caribbean, National Audubon, and other partners to put together a comprehensive terrestrial […]

REVIEW Marine Surveys To Come

An event like Hurricane Dorian presents an excellent opportunity to truly study the impacts and potential for recovery after such extreme events. Surveys are being conducted in three main phases. Once this is done, the information will include follow-up assessments, evaluation of restoration activities, reporting of additional restoration activities and their execution and collecting media […]

EVALUATIONS Scientific Assessments Underway

The Trust, along with its partners, began mobilizing teams of local and international scientists, to conduct assessments of the marine and terrestrial environments on Grand Bahama and Abaco in the wake of mega-storm Dorian. The BNT is conducting comprehensive assessments to determine the impact of Dorian on severely damaging plant life, altering the coast line, […]

MORE DEVASTATION Abaco National Parks

  Infrastructure in the Abaco National Parks was small in scale.  BNT Chief Warden David Knowles has traveled to Abaco to begin conducting the preliminary assessments to the small scale infrastructure in the parks (signage, gazebos and moorings). BNT would have lost most of the contents in the office we rented in Marsh Harbour.  A […]

Hurricane Dorian Impacts National Parks on Grand Bahama

The Rand Nature Centre is home base for our BNT’s operations on Grand Bahama. There, the main office complex which also houses natural history exhibits, an art gallery and gift shop was left structurally intact, but experienced about three feet of flooding during the storm. Almost all furniture, appliances and contents have been lost. Staff […]