Press Releases

BNT Outraged at Continued Cruise Lines Dumping

The Bahamas National Trust joins many other Bahamians and Bahamian NGOs in expressing concern and outrage at the continued problem of cruise ship dumping in our waters. “The Bahamas is recognized globally for its efforts to protect the marine environment. We have created one of the most impressive national park systems in our region, including […]

Capture Your National Park Photo Contest

The Bahamas National Trust is pleased to announce its 60th Anniversary National Park Photo Contest, C A P T U R E   Y O U R   N A T I O N A L    P A R K   As the BNT Celebrates 60 years of conservation success, we are seeking amazing photos of our […]

2018 Annual Report

Members, donors, supporters, we call the folks that make what we do possible a few names. But regardless of the name, we wouldn’t exist without your passion, dedication, and generosity. See what you’ve accomplished this past year in our annual report.  

Atlantis Event Puts Spotlight on Endangered Sawfish

  Nassau. April 30, 2019. Government officials, conservationists, and researchers gathered Friday at Atlantis to focus attention on the Smalltooth Sawfish, a Critically Endangered species of shark-like ray that is native to The Bahamas. The “Sawfish Soiree” — hosted April 26 by Atlantis, Bahamas National Trust, and the Initiative to Save Caribbean Sawfish – drew […]

BNT Statement on the Recent Carnival Cruise Lines Ocean Pollution.

April 23rd, 2019 The BNT is aware from recent media reports that Carnival Cruise Lines pled guilty in 2016 to serious ocean pollution charges. We also note the reports that they are also in violation of some of their probation conditions. As a defender of the Oceans, and the environment more generally, the BNT is […]

BNT Comments on Proposed South Abaco Development

Bahamas National Trust Celebrated Earth Day with National Park Day on 7 Islands in 10 Parks on One Day. 

 7 Islands, 10 Parks, One Unforgettable Day.    On Saturday, April 27th, The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) commemorated Earth Day with its 2nd Annual National Park Day, a celebration across the country! National Park Day hosted exciting activities in 10 National Parks on 7 islands. Residents on Grand Bahama, Abaco, Andros, New Providence, Eleuthera, the […]