Marine Farm

Marine Farm


Located on the west coast of Crooked Island a mile northeast of Landrail Point, this Loyalist compound includes an artillery battery and living quarters. This well preserved historic property was handed over to the Bahamas National Trust by Herbert A. McKinney.

This is an extensive plantation on the other side of Saline Pond. Once you cross the pond you walk to the top of the hill to Marine Farm.

  • Established: 2002
  • Size 4.4 acres


The plants along this trail transition from wetland plants (Black Mangrove, Buttonwood and Sea Ox Eye Daisy) to Coppice Forest plants. Some of these include Wild Sage, Wild dilly, Feather bed (Diospyros crassinervis), Bahama buttercup, Poison wood, Wild Tamarind, Wild coffee, Millspaugh’s dildo (Cephalocereus millspaughii), Lignum vitae (Guaiacum sanctum), bromeliads, orchids and a Century plant.

At the top of the ridge lay the cannons. This artillery battery would have protected the property which had been raided at one time by American privateers (source: The Story of The Bahamas by Paul Albury). There are five solid iron cannons which carry the crest of King George V.

Beyond the cannons lies the foundations for two small structures. Together these comprise the “military complex”. Further East is the “plantation complex” which consists of a main house and kitchen which still stand in reasonably good condition. The main house is on the highest point of the ridge and is covered in plants such as Jumbey, Lignum vitae and bromeliads. The slave quarters were reportedly to the North of the main house but these have not yet been found.


Cannon leading to Marine Farm

Cannon leading to Marine Farm




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