Exuma Park Rules

Exuma Park Rules

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a NO TAKE ZONE: no fishing, conching, shelling or lobstering – nothing living or dead may be removed from within the boundaries of Exuma Park. There are fines and confiscation of vessels for poaching violations.

Follow these two simple rules and you will have a safe and enjoyable visit to Exuma Park

On the Cays
Take Only Photos – Leave Only Footprints

In the Sea
Take Only Photos – Leave Only Bubbles


Exuma Park Regulations:

  • Trash disposal is not available within Exuma park – please take out everything you bring into Exuma Park.
  • Please pick up trash you may see on the trails or beaches and ask Park HQ for disposal instructions.
  • Anchoring is not permitted in the mooring fields, on coral reefs and certain other designated areas within Exuma Park.
  • Please stay on marked trails – use Exuma Park Trial Guidelines
  • All vessels (including dinghies & jet skis) must operate at idle speed in any mooring field or anchorage.
  • Jet skies are required to stay at least 300 yards off any moored or anchored vessel.
  • The north tidal creek on Shroud Cay is a strict Idle Speed/No Wake Zone. Motorized vessels are prohibited from entering any of the other tidal creeks in Shroud Cay.
  • Pets are restricted to beaches only – No pets permitted on trails or in the brush (See Pet Policy)
  • Camping requires a permit (See Camping Policy)
  • Open fires and fireworks are not permitted in Exuma Park