Inspiring & Empowering Young Environmental Leaders

The Bahamas National Trust is proud to run the country’s leading environmental education program! With 1,300 participants in units across the islands of The Bahamas and a near 25-year history of producing young stewards of the environment, this program is a must for all young people.

The Navigators level of the program for teens 13 years and older takes everything learned at its preceding levels a step even further! Dive into training, certifications, expeditions and more with the most challenging, yet rewarding level of Discovery Club!


Through the teaching of science, communication, data collection and research methods, the Navigator program seeks to produce global citizens, who are confident that they can achieve great levels of success in whatever career path they choose. The program equips its’ members with knowledge and experience which prepares them for their tertiary studies while instilling universal core values and skills that contribute to overall personal and professional achievements.

Navigators is a more intensive, training-centric program but offers the same benefits of all levels of Discovery Club.

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Registration for Navigators can be completed online via the form below. Please note that all online or physical registration forms must be submitted along with the Waiver/Photo Release form and annual fee of $30 (for students with insurance) or $50 (for students that without insurance).

To join a Navigators program near you CLICK HERE.

We welcome you to direct any inquiries about Navigators to Chantal Curtis at or call 396-0176.