Inspiring & Empowering Young Environmental Leaders


023aThe Navigator clubs are part of a 3 year certification programme for young people between the ages of 13 and 25. The programme fosters an educational setting where an appreciation for the natural environment, leadership, curiosity, entrepreneurship, responsibility and teamwork are incorporated into the studies, activities and field trips within the curriculum. The clubs also provide internationally recognized certifications such as SCUBA open water diving and AGRRA coral reef assessment.

032aNavigators is a natural progression for those who have completed the BNT Guardians and Explorers clubs, however it is designed to also welcome any young person who enjoys the outdoors or is interested in learning more about their natural surroundings. As of 2016, this programme included 18 different schools and community-based groups on 5 islands within The Bahamas. There are currently 2 different clubs to choose from under the Navigator programme, Navigators-Marine and Navigators-Terrestrial.



043Through the teaching of science, communication, data collection and research methods, the Navigator programme seeks to produce global citizens, who are confident that they can achieve great levels of success in whatever career path they choose. The programme equips its’ members with knowledge and experience which prepares them for their tertiary studies while instilling universal core values and skills that contribute to overall personal and professional achievements.


The Navigator clubs are typically run as extra curricular clubs within the school system, however they can be run within local youth groups or other civic clubs. The programme compliments the high school curriculum by engaging youths in research based activities such as collecting data and samples, analyzing data through scientific methods and identifying different plant and animal species.

022To reinforce their experience, members participate in an annual citizen science project under the National Park Benefit Project (NPBP) programme. These projects include presentations to government officials, esteemed scientists and members of the public.



Navigator member groups have a choice of two clubs within the programme, either Navigators-Marine or Navigators-Terrestrial. Both clubs have overlapping themes, however the major focus in the individual programmes are separated into either water based or land based studies, activities and field trips. The Navigator-Marine club has been in operation since 2010 and due to the overwhelming success of this marine focused programme, and the requests of educators throughout the nation, the Navigators-Terrestrial club was added in 2016.


There are 3 levels within each Navigator club and every level takes one year to complete. Each club offers annual graduations at the completion of each level and an overall certification is given after the completion of the entire 3 year programme. This formal certification is recognized by The Bahamas Ministry of Education.

The Navigator clubs have a nominal registration fee of $50 per year ($30 with insurance). All field trips, travels, activities and certifications are covered by donations made to The Bahamas National Trust

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