Explorers and Guardians

Explorers and Guardians

Inspiring & Educating Children to Become Knowledgeable Environmental Stewards


dc5The Explorer and Guardian clubs are part of the Discovery Clubs programme and are specifically designed to engage youths in environmental studies and activities that open young minds to a better understanding of their natural surroundings. Badges are earned for the completion of curricular segments on individual topics, therefore the longer a member is in the programme, the more badges they are eligible to earn. A uniform is worn to club meetings and activities that proudly displays the members’ badges.

The Explorers club is for ages 7-9, followed by the Guardians who are ages 10-12. These clubs give a solid foundation for entry into the Navigator Clubs, which are designed for youths between the ages of 13-25.

The Explorer and Guardian clubs are perfect for children who have an interest in plants, animals, camping, snorkeling,  or for those who just love to be outdoors. As of 2016, there are 56  Explorer and Guardian clubs on 10 islands within the Bahamas.


dc3The ultimate objective of the Explorer and Guardian clubs is to develop and equip future leaders of The Bahamas to make informed decisions regarding more difficult environmental challenges than the generation before them. The programmes are designed to encourage participants to dive into increasing levels of understanding of the environment and the Bahamas national park system. By giving children the opportunity to experience the environment as they study, they are taught a deeper understanding of what is required to protect valuable natural resources and increase the sustainability of their nation.

The clubs’ badge system also builds core values such as accountability, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and self esteem which are necessary for individuals to reach their highest level of achievement in whatever lifestyle or career path they choose.


dc1The Explorer and Guardian clubs are typically run as an extra-circular club within the school system,  however they can be run within local youth groups or other civic clubs. The programme compliments the primary school curriculum by engaging youths in science based learnings. There are workbooks for each lesson unit that are completed along with specific activities and field trips associated with the topic that is being studied.

Badges are awarded upon completion of all activities within each lesson unit which usually takes about 6 weeks. A total of 4 badges can be earned in one academic year. Each 6-week lesson unit incorporates interactive learning on a certain topic and how that topic relates to Bahamian ecosystems and national parks.


Every club chooses 4 topics that they will focus on each year. This allows each club to customize the programme based on their own interests. Currently there are a total of 22 badges that can be earned by studying the topics listed below, with several new topics that will be added soon!

*Animal Care
*Coral Reefs

*Endangered Species
*National Parks

*Nature Detective
*News in Nature

The Explorer and Guardian clubs have a nominal registration fee of $50 per year ($30 with insurance) and all field trips, travels, and activities are covered by donations made to The Bahamas National Trust.

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dc4We welcome you to direct any inquiries about Explorers and Guardians to the clubs’ Programme Coordinator:

Jewel Thompson at  jthompson@bnt.bs