Discovery Clubs

Discovery Clubs

Discovery Begins Here…

Who We Are

The Discovery Club Program started in 1995 and has evolved from weekend field trips for small groups, to a network of around 50 units that engage 1300 young people between the ages of 5 and 18. Operating on 9 islands, the program is dedicated to inspire and educate Bahamian youth to become knowledgeable environmental stewards through fun, conservation-based classroom lessons, hands on activities and field trips.

There are 4 distinct tiers under the Discovery Club Program, these include AdventurersExplorers, Guardians,  and Navigators. Each tier caters to a specific age group and features specialized interests.

What We Do

The BNT Discovery Clubs are mostly run as extracurricular school clubs led by teachers for students who have an interest in nature. The clubs combine and incorporate environmental education with other disciplines such as art, ecology, history, camping, exploration and astronomy. There are field trips to solidify the in-class lessons and social interactive events complement the program.

Club members participate in a fun and rewarding journey as they discover the beauty, uniqueness and fragile nature of Bahamian ecosystems. Special activities help members acquire the knowledge, values and skills needed to generate respect for the unique culture, nature and history of The Bahamas while gaining a better understanding of the responsibilities of The Bahamas National Trust.

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