Creation Care

Creation Care

Creating A Deeper Connection


Creation care is a yearlong programme specifically designed for adults in faith based organisations looking to develop a meaningful connection with nature. The programme is an opportunity for community members of common faith to understand the vital significance that nature has in our daily lives and the sacred role that has been bestowed upon us as her caretakers.


132aCreation Care seeks to strengthen bonds between community members and fosters a positive, rewarding connection with nature through engaging participants in various outdoor activities. Participants enroll in a yearlong journey that explores all of the natural elements of what makes The Bahamas so unique. As a Creation Care member, groups can expect to enjoy things like birdwatching, kayaking, gardening, bush tea brewing and upcycling. These activities restore a sense of appreciation for nature through active participation and reflection. Additionally, every April members plan and lead an Earth Day Family Fun Day that is attended by the general public.

Wetlands-WorkshopHOW IT WORKS

Interested groups and congregations can contact The Bahamas National Trust directly and arrange for a Creation Care representative  to give an informative presentation. Once a group is enrolled as an official Creation Care team, a series of activities will be planned that span over four calendar seasons.



For more information, please contact the Creation Care programme coordinator;

  Juanita Munroe at