Help Nature Recover to Help People Recover

Help Nature Recover to Help People Recover

Hurricane Dorian Restoration


On September 1st, Dorian made landfall in the northern Bahamas as a category 5 hurricane. This powerful mega-storm brought with it winds up to 220mph and storm surges over 20 feet high. In its wake, Dorian has left devastating loss of life and suffering, unlike anything The Bahamas has ever seen.

Although details are still emerging, we fear that Dorian, has wreaked severe damage on many natural habitats.  Your help is needed.  Please support.


Hurricane Dorian Support – My Choice

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Why your help is needed

In addition to leaving an estimated 70,000 people homeless and destroying whole communities on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, hurricane Dorian has also wreaked severe damage on the environment.  This environment is what many of the people and communities shattered by the storm rely on for their livelihood. They work in environment-dependent industries like tourism and fishing to earn their income. Income that they will need now more than ever to rebuild their lives

Right now, the most important work we can do is support efforts to provide the basic human needs of those ravaged by this catastrophe.  Once these are secure, we will begin the work needed to help nature recover.  Can you help?

National parks on Abaco and Grand Bahama protect wildlife, native pine forests, and fragile coral reefs. Storm surges, like those brought by Dorian, can destroy entire pine forests. Storm surge washes saltwater far inland. This water settles and contaminates the groundwater, leading to the withering of the whole forest. Strong waves destroy coral reefs. Sediment and other harmful toxins runoff from the land and block sunlight preventing corals from making food, while toxins poison, eventually killing them.  Both Grand Bahama and Abaco are home to many fragile birds. With the natural environment destroyed, many of the birds that depend on these habitats for food and other resources will suffer.  Abaco and Grand Bahama are some of the only places on earth where birds like the Abaco Parrot, Bahama Warbler, Bahama Nuthatch, and Bahama Swallow exist.

Nature needs your help to recover.  Will you help?

The environment is one of the most significant sources of revenue and food for those affected by Dorian. If together, we help nature bounce back, then it will be there to support the people who need it to survive.

The Bahamas National Trust will soon start working to help the natural environment of Abaco and Grand Bahama. Your donation will help meet the most urgent recovery needs. Please give as generously as you can.  Let’s help nature recover together.


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