Conservation Champions

Conservation Champions

Conservation Champions

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Bahamas National Trust

Do you love The Bahamas and spaces that make it special? Do you appreciate the people who work to protect our species and ecosystems of our unique island archipelago?  Join us in recognizing and celebrating 60 outstanding Conservation Champions from the past and present whose actions have helped shape crucial conservation wins for the country and have had a transformative, positive impact on the Bahamian environment.

We want to celebrate our national parks, we also want to celebrate the many people throughout our communities who through their contributions in science, education, and conservation helped to establish an award winning protected area system.

In honour of our 60th anniversary, we’re celebrating 60 Conservation Champions! Nominate your Champion today!

Award Categories

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Nomination Guidelines

  1. You may nominate more than one individual
  2. Nominees should fit the most appropriate award category by considering how the project or initiative meets the award criteria.
  3. Nominations may be submitted by Board members and staff of the Bahamas National Trust.
  4. Nominees may include Board members and staff of the Bahamas National Trust.
  5. Nominees can be Bahamian or Non-Bahamian individuals, groups or organizations that are active in The Bahamas.
  6. Deadline for Submission :  November 29, 2019

Nominate Your Champion!

Nominations have now been closed. Thank you for participating!

If you have additional questions, please contact us at:
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