Bonefish Pond National Park

Bonefish Pond is 1235 acres of coastal wetland area. This is a park where teachers and students alike can see and learn about the different marine life that call Bonefish pond home. Established: Size: 1,235 Acres  

Moriah Harbour Cay National Park

Moriah Harbour Cay and its marine environs area a vital part of the ecosystem between the Great and Little Exuma. It encompasses pristine beaches, sand dunes, mangrove creeks, and sea grass beds. A variety of bird life nests there, including the gull-billed and least terns, nighthawks, plovers, oyster catchers and resident pair of ospreys. The […]

Little Inagua National Park

Remote inaccessible and with no fresh water, Little Inagua is by far the largest uninhabited island in the Wider Caribbean. The island exists in a natural undisturbed state and the biodiversity implications and values of this are enormous. Ocean currents flow through the Bahamas from southeast to the northwest. As a result, Little Inagua is […]

Union Creek Reserve

Location on Great Inagua Island, Union Creek Reserve was established in April 1965. This enclosed tidal creek and sea turtle research station lies in the northwest corner of the Inagua National Park. Union Creek encompasses an area of 4,940 acres and it is a natural habitat for green and Hawksbill turtles. Mangroves surround the creek […]

Marine Farm

Located on the west coast of Crooked Island a mile northeast of Landrail Point, this Loyalist compound includes an artillery battery and living quarters. This well preserved historic property was handed over to the Bahamas National Trust by Herbert A. McKinney. This is an extensive plantation on the other side of Saline Pond. Once you […]

Hope Great House

Located on the west coast of Crooked Island a mile northeast of Landrail Point, these two Loyalist compounds include an artillery battery and plantation house with kitchen. These well preserved historic properties were handed over to the Bahamas National Trust by Herbert A. McKinney. Established: 2002 Size 3.6 acres

Joulter Cays Proposed Park

The Joulter Cays, located just north of Andros Island, is well known by research biologists and provides a is prominent for its unique geological features, by research biologists, divers, for its Impressive bonefish populations that contribute to a sustainable vibrant recreational fly-fishing industry in Andros; Extensive banks of unique oolitic sand, and Sand flats that […]

Inagua National Park

Inagua National Park is located on Great Inagua, the southern-most island in The Bahamas. Established in 1963, Inagua National Park encompasses 287 square miles of raw, tropical island beauty. The Park is the site of the largest breeding colony of West Indian Flamingos in the world. This national bird of The Bahamas now numbers approximately […]

Conception Island National Park

This park encompasses a four-and-a-half-square mile uninhabited island surrounded by its own shallow bank just north of Rum Cay. The island was one of the first landfalls of Columbus in the New World and is an important sanctuary for migratory birds and green turtles, as well as a breeding site for a variety of seabirds. […]

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Located in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, the Preserve is operated by the Bahamas National Trust and funded by the Leon Levy Foundation. It was developed by Shelby White, trustee of the Foundation, in honour of her late husband, Leon Levy. The Preserve will be a living part of Bahamian history. It is the first national park […]

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