Our Donors & Supporters

Our Donors & Supporters

From membership dues and government subvention to private donations and grants, we rely on many funding sources to fulfill our mission. Your gift can make a huge difference in advancing conservation around the Bahamas.

Major Donors in Recent Years


The Government of The Bahamas

FOUNDERS $100,000+

The Leon Levy Foundation


Baha Mar
Baha Mar Foundation
Bahamas National Trust Fund Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio de la Rocha
Mr. Carolyn MacDonald
The Moore Bahamas Foundation


Campbell Law Chase Anonymous
Deltec Bank & Trust Limited
Kerzner Marine Foundation
Kris Colvin Trust
Lyford Cay Foundation
Mr. J. Andrew McKinney
Mr. Michael Phillips
Mr. Phillip Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce & Peggy Purdy
Sandals Foundation
Scotiabank (Bahamas) Ltd.
The Owl Foundation
The Varuna Trust
BEP Foundation


Abaco Estate Services

Ms. Helen Adderley

Adler ANB. INC.

Advanced Document Systems

Albany Developers

Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Alexiou

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff and Lynne Andrews

Ms. Sharon Andrews

Anonymous Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Jacqueline Arnold


Mr. Juan Bacardi

Bahamas Business Solutions

Bahamas Petroleum Company

Bahamas Waste Management

Bahamas Wholesale Agencies Ltd.

Mr. Rishad T Bain

Mrs. Brenda Barry

Bergstrom Builders

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bethel

Mr. Douglas Bland

Mr. Llewellyn Boyer-Cartwright

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Jo Ann Bradley

Ms. Rosemary Braynen

Bristol Group of Companies

Ms. Betty Brown

Mr. Stuart R Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Graham and Anne Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Sandra Buckner

Ms. Kizzy Bullard

Ms. Kayla C Burrows

Ms. M. Carmen Butler

Ms. M. Teresa Butler

Ms. Margaret A. Butler

Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Bonnie Cap

Mr. and Mrs. Donald & Brigitte Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Eric & Charlene Carey

Ms. Cheryl D Cartwright

Ms. Nathalie Cartwright

Mrs. Shirley Cartwright

Dr. and Mrs. Lorne & Gail Charles

MotorVessel Chasius Daylight I30

Mr. and Mrs. Wellington and Patrice Chea

Mrs. Calliope Chisnall-Couchell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Ruth Cleare

Dr. and Mrs R. John and Jane Clement

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Phillipa Cole

Colina Insurance Ltd.

Mrs. Michelle Collie

Commonwealth Bank

Mr. and Mrs. John & Tanya Crone

Ms. Desiree Cuevas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Heather D’Albenas

Mrs. Elizabeth Darling

Ms. Joan Davies

Ms. Zelpha Mae Davis

Susy De Giuli

Ms. Marcella Dean

Ms. Cecile E.C. Dean-Heastie

Mrs. Susy DeGiuli

Ms. Audrey Deveaux

Ms. Gabriele Dietze

Mr. and Mrs. Edward & Frances Doyle

Dragonwood Conservancy

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian & Tiffany Edgecombe

Ms. Tenisha Erskin

Dr. and Mrs. W. Hardy & Barbara Eshbaugh

Ms. Lorette Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie and Roshanne Eyma

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic & Amanda Ferguson

Mrs. Kendyce Ferguson

FES Construction

Ms. Katherine Findlay

Ms. Bridget Flowers



Ms. Elsie Forbes

Ms. Jacqueline Forbes-Foster

Mr. Andy Fowler

Mr. John Frazier

Fun Foods Wholesale Ltd.

Ms. Virginia Garcia

Ms. Beatrice I Gardiner

George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation

Ms. Antoinette Glinton

Mr. Lawrence Glinton

Mr. and Mrs Dion and Rionda Godet

Ms. Erlinda Gorospe

Ms. Amanda M. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Irene Graham

Graham Thompson & Co.

Greek Orthodox Church

Mr. Robin Hardy

Mr. Alec Head

Ms. Helena Hermes

Mr. Valdino Higgs

Mr. and Mrs Vincent & Shirley Higgs

Mr. and Mrs. Helmut and Jean Ann Holm

Hope Town Hideaways

Mr. William J. Hughes

Mr. Richard F. Hull

Hydrologic Associates Bahamas Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseoh & Nicola Ierna

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy & D. Yvette lngraham

Mrs. Azaleta lshmael-Newry

J.S. Johnson & Co. Limited

Ms. Vanessa John

Ms. Janet Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Justin & Leah Johnson

Mr. Kenneth Johnson

Ms Linda Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Keithle

Mrs. Nancy B Kelly

Kidney Centre Limited

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Sha King

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas & Pamela Klonaris

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew & Patricia H. Knowles

Mr. Kevin Aaron Knowles

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Knowles

Mrs. Totcina Knowles-Young

Mr. and Mrs. Murali and Shanthi K. Kodi

Mrs. Maureen Koepp

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Michele Lafield

Mr. Douglas E Layne

Mr. Dion Lewis

LexThree Ltd.

Mrs. and Mis. Oliver & Vickie Liddell

Ms. Bessie Lightbourn

Mrs. Sara Lobosky

Mr. and Mrs. Yves & Matty Lourdin

Lyford Cay Members Club

Ms. Cleola Mackey

Mr. Sidney Maddock

Mr. and Mrs. Pericles and Christina Maillis

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander and Caliope Maillis Sr.

Mr. and Mrs Mike and Nancy McCarthy

Mr. Michael W. McConnell

Mr. Gavin McKinney

Mr. Neil McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. Wally & Jan McLaughlin & Saigal

Mr. David McNaughtan

Ms. Cornelia Meye

Ms. Amanda Meyers

Mr. and Mrs Frank and Brenda Mills

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Youth

Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Elisabeth Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre & Terry Monnard

Mr. and Mrs. Don & Suzy Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart & Patricia Morrison

Ms. Helen Mortimer

Mr. David Moss

Mr. Kenneth Mulle


Nassau Agencies (1995) Ltd.Native Sun Nursery

Mr. and Mrs. D. Artie Nottage

Ms. Maria A. Nottage

Mr. and Mrs. Brian & Debbie Nutt

Mrs. Daphne Ormerod

Mrs. Mixy Paredes

Ms. Valerie Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Ian and Eleanor Phillips

Pictet Bank & Trust Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Helen Pinder

Dr. and Mrs. Henry and Sandra Podlewskl

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Portuondo, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart & Minarda Powell

Ms. Terear Price

Property Management Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pyfrom

Mr. Richard Pyfrom

Mr. Bruce Raine

Ms. Deborah E. Raine

Ms. Nadine Ramphal

Mr. David Ray

RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Ms. Bridgette Ritchie

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon & Maxine Ritchie

Mr. William Ritchie

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno and Sonjia Roberts

Ms. Susan K. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor N. Robertson

Ms. Diah Robinson

Ms. Emerika Robinson

Ms. Shakira Rolle

Mr. Thomas Rossi

Mrs. Elizabeth Sands

Mr. and Mrs. Harry & Olwen B. Sands

Ms. Linda F Sands

Ms. Christine Sawyer

Ms. Jin Schmid

Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Schuermann

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sheila Schwartz

Ms. Tomasinea Simms

Sims Group Ltd.

Mr. Bill Sinnett

Ms. Chantell Smith

Ms. Danita Smith

Mr. Larry Smith

Mrs. Pamela Smith

St. Andrew‘s Primary School

St. Thomas Moore Primary

Ms. Marilyn Stubbs

Mr. Mervin Sweeting

Mr. and Mrs. Brent & Robin Symonette

Ms. Diana Symonette

Take Time for Tea

Tambearly School

Mr. and Mrs. Charles & Molly Thayer

The Nature Conservancy

Mr. and Mrs. Tom & Sandra Thomas

Mr. Antoine Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick & Linda Thomson

Mr. Trevor Tucker

Mrs. Linda Turtle

Mr. and Mrs. Russ and Cindy Vamey

Mr. and Mrs. Leandro Vazquez

Mr. and Mrs. N.D. Wardle

Waypoint Consulting Ltd.

Ms. Cherfelt Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Ben & UrsuIa West

Mrs. Eleanor Whitely

Mr. Jared Whyms

Ms. Tiffany Wildgoose

Wildquest Retreats lnc.

Mrs. Frances Williams

Ms. Kim Williams

Mrs. Maydi Williams

Ms. Tanika Williams

Windsor Preparatory School

Mrs. Denise Worrell

Ms. Monika Zeidler

Zipx Bahamas Ltd.