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IDsicvoery-MG_0814Discovery Club is a programme dedicated inspiring and educating Bahamian children to become knowledgeable environmental stewards through fun, age-based hands on activities. Evolving from solely weekend trips in 1995, Discovery Club now manages 1000 students from over 60 schools that span 9 Bahamian Islands. Discovery Club targets Bahamian youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds between the ages of 7 and 13 to experience a mix of in-class and field studies tailored to each group.

Club members participate in a fun and rewarding journey and discover the beauty, uniqueness and fragile nature of our island country. Special activities help members acquire the knowledge, values and skills needed to generate respect for people, nature and history.

The importance of volunteering is emphasised and a wide array of opportunities make this a fun part of Discovery Club’s programme. Members also acquire a better understanding of the responsibilities of The Bahamas National Trust.

Discovery Club incorporates environmental education with other disciplines such as art, ecology and history, and timeless favourites such as camping, exploration and astronomy. Field trips solidify their in-class lessons and participating in social events complement the programme.


L1070815Discovery Club members are separated into different age levels. Ages 7-9 are entered into the ‘Explorers’ level, ages 10-12 are entered into the ‘Guardians’ level and ages 13-25 are entered into the ‘Navigator’ level – a more research based programme. This ensures that activities are not above or below a member’s capabilities or interests.

All activities in Discovery Club lead to badges. Badges are the Club’s awards of success and are received upon completion of a badge lesson unit. Badge lesson units incorporate interactive learning of the topic in study and how it relates to Bahamian ecosystems and our national parks. Different badges can be earned each term of Discovery Club and it is possible to earn 4 badges in one year as a badge typically takes 6 weeks to earn.

Discovery Club members attend Club meetings and wear a smart uniform.
Students register for a fee of $50 per year ($30 if covered by insurance) and all field trips, travels, activities and certifications are covered by The Bahamas National Trust.



The Navigators Programme is an extension of the Discovery Club programme for persons between the ages of 13 and 25 and runs similar to its predecessor levels Explorers and Guardians.

The purpose of this three-year programme is to equip the members with invaluable knowledge and skills which will prepare them for their tertiary studies as well as future career paths. Although this programme is especially geared for young people interested in a science-based career, it is not limited to only these individuals. Anyone who simply enjoy being outdoors or who may venture into eco-tourism or entrepreneurship may also benefit by the skills learned during the Navigators programme.

Engaging 18 different schools and community-based groups spanning over 5 different islands, The Navigator programme fosters a generation of leadership, curiosity, appreciation for the natural environment, entrepreneurship, responsibility and teamwork

Ran as an extra-circular club, this national programme engages youth in research based activities such as collecting data and samples, analyzing data through scientific methods and identifying different plant and animal species.

Certification courses are comprised of exciting lessons, scientific experiments and thought provoking discussions. This perfect complement of in-class lessons with field sessions and activities produce a well-rounded participant.

Through teaching global environmental issues and offering internationally recognised certifications like SCUBA and survey method certifications, The Navigators programme seeks to produce global citizens, confident that their skills and abilities will take them through whatever career path they choose.

To reinforce their experience, members participate in an annual citizen science project under the National Park Benefit Project (NPBP) to produce and present a scientific poster to a crowd of government officials, esteemed scientists and members of the public.

Navigator member groups choose between two certifications to pursue: Marine Certification and Terrestrial Certification. Each certification takes three years to complete and is separated into three levels. Members complete one level each year. Each level is divided into lessons with each lesson having an interactive classroom presentation and a corresponding activity. Through this learning style, participants are able to translate learned theory and concepts into a practical application.

Every three classroom lessons, Navigators are taken out into the field to discover for themselves the status of plant and animal populations, literally bringing the curriculum to life. After collecting and analysing the data they have collected, Navigators collaboratively compose a scientific poster with a summary, explanation and conclusion on their findings as a true scientist would.

This invaluable experience costs a registration fee of $50 per year ($30 with insurance) and all field trips, travels, activities and certifications are covered by The Bahamas National Trust.

Currently only the marine programme is in operation.

DC Symposium


Discovery Club Symposium is a training programme for new and returning Discovery Club and Navigators leaders to teach the objectives and logistics of the programme.

During the weeklong workshop, Leaders take the place of their Discovery Club members and experience first-hand what Discovery Club should feel like for their members. This switch in roles creates a better understanding of what typical Club meetings, field trips activities and the spirit of Discovery Club.  Leaders complete Discovery Club Symposium inspired, motivated and excited to pass the lessons and their personal experiences on to their members.

Discovery Club Symposium takes place annually during the summer and runs from 9AM-3PM.

For more information, or to join Discovery Club Symposium, contact our Discovery Club Coordinator Clare Sands at



Join a Club


Discovery Club is currently 1000 members strong from over 60 schools that span 9 Bahamian Islands.
To join a club near you, check out the list below of Discovery Club member groups. Once you have found a group that best suits you, print and complete the Discovery Club new member form and waiver and contact the location’s group leader for more information.


Behring Point Primary School
Latia Smith
Phone: 242-368-4063

Burnt Rock Primary
Kenva Wallace

Central Andros High School
Glendia Dorsette
Phone: 242-368-2104

High Rock
Carolyn Stuart

Nichol’s Town School
Carlene Woods
Phone: 242-329-2452


Central Abaco Primary
Phone: 242-367-3457

Friends of The Environment
Phone: 242-367-2721

Fox Town Primary
Phone: 242-365-2121

Treasure Cay Primary
Phone: 242-365-8273


Tarpum Bay Primary School
Leahnora Knowles
Phone: 242-334-4281

Emma E. Cooper
Christal Adderly
Phone: 242-332-1409


Black Point/Staniel Cay
Ulrisa Andrews
Phone: 242-355-3038

Exuma Community
Cathrine Booker
Phone: 242-336-2790


Bartlett Hill Primary School
Lashawnda Jones
Phone: 242-348-3743

Freeport Gospel Chapel
Ray Vanessa Fawcett

Mary Star of The Sea
Patrice Malcolm
Phone: 242-373-3300


Inagua All Age School
Tara Andrea Burrows


Glintons Primary School
Claudette Adderly
Phone: 242-338-5055


Albury Sayle Primary School
Sandy Smith Ramsay
Phone: 242-323-5503

E.P. Roberts Primary School
Corey Cole
Phone: 242-323-4303

Kingsway Academy Elementary
June Walker
Phone: 242-324-8811

Palmdale Primary
Tamica Adderly
Phone: 242-393-3912

St. John’s Primary
Fanette Francis
Phone: 242-323-3030

Temple Christian Academy
Valerie Stubbs
Phone: 242-325-1119

Cleveland Eneas Primary School
Rosetta Moss
Phone: 242-392-8324

Epiphany Anglican Church
Bernadette Fox
Phone: 242-364-2884

Lyford Cay International School
Bernadette Fox
Phone: 242-362-4774

St. Andrew’s School
Beth Hall
Phone: 242-677-7800

SC McPherson
Olive Johnson
Phone: 242-361-4339

Community School
Tiffany Saunders-Bain
Phone: 242-698-6709

Eva Hilton Primary School
Brenda Thompson

Nassau Christian Academy
Lethera Bodie
Phone: 242-393-2041

St. Cecilia’s School
Yolande Samules Cole
Phone: 242-323-4996

Suzy Aranha
Summit Academy
Phone: 242-394-4789

For more information, contact our Discovery Club Coordinator Clare Sands at


Currently, Navigators engages members in 18 different schools and community based groups spanning over 5 different islands.

To join a group near you, check out the list below of Navigator member groups. Once you have found a group that best suits you, print and complete the Navigator new member form and waiver and contact the location’s group leader at their school for more information.


Central Andros High School
Glendia Dorsette
Phone: 242-368-2104

North Andros High School
Velindia Rolle
Phone: 242-329-2322


St Andrew’s Anglican School
Leah Lamorena
Phone: 242-336-2130


NGM Major High School
Tamara Bain-Stuart
Phone: 242-337-0335


Nassau Christian Academy
Lethera Bodie
Phone: 242-393-2641

Lyford Cay International School
Lisa Greene
Phone: 242-362-4774

St. Augustine’s College
Carol Edwards
Phone: 242-324-1511

Acquinas College
Raymound Knight
Phone: 242-361-5534

For more information, contact our Navigators Coordinator Steffon Evans at